Welcome to RISE

Come and join the movement!


The consciousness is rising. Welcome to the space where your evolution is inevitable. 

Your high vibe space to manifest, connect and evolve. This space has been created to provide you with the tools you need to reach your full potential, your in-pocket mindset bestie that will help you reach new levels of consciousness. 

Get instant access to expansive content that will help you on your journey and be such a catalyst towards your evolution.

Have you ever done a self-development course and been so in flow and as soon as it ends you drop off the bandwagon? Or maybe you don’t have the right support around you to keep you high-vibe? Or maybe you’re just looking for somewhere you can go every day to evolve and connect with like-minded people? That’s exactly why we created RISE… 

We wanted to curate the perfect platform so that you could build upon your self-development journey whilst connecting with others on that same journey! We all know to exercise our bodies each day, but it’s so important we exercise our minds too… if you implement the teachings and tools within this membership, it will all compound. That’s when your dream reality will come to fruition. 

Just like you wouldn’t expect to go to one gym class and have the perfect physique, one masterclass won’t have the lasting impact on your mind like an ongoing membership will. Which is exactly why we wanted to bring you the perfect space so your evolution is inevitable.

Are you ready my love? Let’s RISE. 

What's included when you join RISE? 

We’ve designed RISE so that all of the content builds on each other. Every single month there will be a different theme so the content will remain fresh, exciting and inspiring. 

Think manifesting, self-love, conscious relationships, magnetic energy - the whole self-development package. 

This immersive experience includes:

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Mini Trainings & Pep talks

  • Meditations

  • Expert advice from Guest speakers

  • Monthly workbooks

  • A community of like-minded people to support you on your journey

Everyone dreams of a bigger life, but it's the daily steps that contribute to whether you achieve that life or not. This app will give you those daily steps so that BIG LIFE becomes your reality. With Georgie and the R&C team on your side, anything is possible!